Loaf: When a staff restaurant is too much and a cup of coffee too little

Loaf is a catering concept that combines reception service with an easy, healthy lunch concept. It’s cost-efficient and flexible, made up of modular components and perfectly suited for grab-and-go and take-away breakfast and lunch. It’s also ideal for locations with fewer than 150 lunch customers and for organizations seeking to steer clear of get-togethers and sit-down lunches during these times of corona. Hello Zuidas learned more from Inge Oosterhoff, implementation manager at D&B The Facility Group.

Where did the idea to develop Loaf come from?

‘The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on staff restaurants. Many have even had to close. It’s not all that profitable now to run a big restaurant like that. Loaf is a basic concept that caters very well for fewer lunch customers. With Loaf, employees can enjoy a freshly prepared lunch with a good cup of coffee – and that, paired with our reception service, is of course very cost-efficient.’

Have you implemented this concept anywhere yet?

‘We’ve noticed great interest in this idea based on the number of requests we’ve received from clients in Zuidas and elsewhere. The quality we offer is very good already and this is a fast and flexible concept. We can put the whole thing together in two weeks, either in the Loaf style or that of our client company.’ Loaf is a subdivision of WeCanteen (with locations including WTC Amsterdam). 

How is that reflected? 

‘WeCanteen has three central values: on-site preparation, working with local businesses and sustainability. These values are also reflected in Loaf. Packaging is made of recyclable materials and you’ll see little plastic. Healthful food is a big focus at WeCanteen and it’s essential in this concept, too. After all, eating healthy is more important now than ever to keep your immune system in top form.’