SIXT+ all-inclusive car-subscription doesn’t tie you down and gets you everywhere!

For everybody in Zuidas who’d love a car of their own, but not the high purchase price tag or lengthy lease contract that comes with it, SIXT+ is the solution. With this new all-inclusive subscription, you have a car whenever you need it, and can cancel on a monthly basis. And all you need is the app! Hello Zuidas got all the details from Roelien de Haas, commercial director at SIXT. 


Mobility provider SIXT is already known for its services SIXT ride (driver service), SIXT share (carsharing) and SIXT rent (car hire). Now, it’s introducing SIXT+, an all-inclusive car subscription that can be changed from month to month. Place your order, and within just a few days you’ll have a car of your own – without having to shell out for the purchase or a long-term lease. ‘Basically, you could compare it to private leasing, only SIXT+ is much more flexible’, says De Haas. For starters, the subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis, you can swap cars and keep your kilometre credit. ‘If you sign up for a subscription and think you’ll need 2,000 kilometres this month, but only drive 1,000, you can use the remaining kilometres next month.’ Another perk: if you want a BMW one month, and a Jaguar the next, you can do that, too.


With the pandemic, many people are staying home more and spending less time on the road to go to work or visit family. That means cars are just parked in the drive or on the street most of the time, and that’s a waste. According to De Haas, ‘People are asking themselves: why have this car in my way constantly when I don’t actually need it all the time?’ SIXT+ solves that, says the commercial director. ‘This way, you only have a car parked out front when you actually need it.’


‘If you look at employers, employees and residents, you see they all put a high value on flexibility, but for different reasons’, continues De Haas. ‘Imagine you’re an expat and you’re living in the Netherlands for a few months and for a few months in another country. You don’t want to have a car all the time, so a flexible subscription like this is ideal. Or, another example: if you’re a consultant who works in Zuidas, but have to work somewhere on the other side of the country for a long time on assignment at a client. Sometimes you only need a car for a couple months’, explains De Haas, ‘and this way you’re not tied to anything after that period.’ Last but not least, SIXT+ is also perfect for employers, says De Haas. ‘Imagine you hire someone who after a couple months turns out not to be suited for the job. You can just give the car back, instead of still being stuck with a lease car for several years, as employers usually are these days.’